Preparing for Oral Surgery in Edmond, OK

Dec 22, 2023

It’s natural to have questions and be slightly (or very) nervous before undergoing oral surgery. To ensure you feel ready for your procedure, below are some of the easy and practical ways Eagle Dental can work together with you to prepare you. Our team will walk you through everything you need to do before and after, as well as provide context for what we plan to do. 

Our Oral Surgeon Explains What to Expect for Your Procedure

Eagle Dental handles a variety of procedures, each with its own requirements, so we make sure you know what your situation involves. We can perform:

    For example, some surgeries require only using local anesthesia on the affected area, while more complex procedures may require putting you under sedation. Our Edmond, OK, oral surgery team will brief you ahead of time on which type you’ll receive and what the experience will be like.

    You also have a say in your care. If you’re particularly nervous about the procedure—or even have a dental phobia—you can talk with our dentist about opting for sedation for your peace of mind. 

    We Provide Clear Instructions About Food or Drink

    We’ll make sure you know when to stop eating or drinking before surgery based on your procedure. Typically, this period is at least a few hours prior. 

    Also, our dentist will provide clear instructions regarding what foods or drinks you need to avoid after surgery. Common post-op restrictions include:

    • Waiting for any numbness to wear off before eating to avoid biting your tongue or cheek
    • Avoiding sticky, chewy, or hard foods
    • Not drinking through straws

    We Prioritize Your Comfort Before and After Surgery

    No matter how routine a surgery is, the process is still stressful, so do what you need to feel comfortable. Feel free to wear those sweatpants! Avoid jewelry that could get in the way and clothes that stain easily. We’ll also check in with you about how you’re feeling both physically and emotionally prior to surgery.

    Consider asking a friend or family member to provide transportation and help, especially if you underwent sedation. Your mindset and well-being affect your health and recovery, so if you need a friend, even if it’s just for moral support, we encourage you to bring them.

    Our Surgery Team Gives You Aftercare Instructions

    We never want you to feel in the dark about any stage of this process. Our Edmond oral surgeon will provide you with a list of instructions for recovering from surgery, including:

    • Medications and pain management
    • Activity and exercise restrictions
    • Timelines for your recovery
    • When to reach out for help
    • Contact information for questions or emergencies

    Staying on top of your care can make your recovery easier, prevent complications, and help you return to normal activities on schedule. 

    We Work to Make Surgery Accessible for You

    We don’t want you to avoid getting the surgery you need because of financial fears, so we work with you to find the best option. You can talk with us about insurance coverage, payment plans, and other financing questions.

    Reach Out For Edmond, OK, Oral Surgery at Any Time

    Whether you’re already scheduled with us or need to find an oral surgeon for your condition, contact Eagle Dental today with questions. Dr. Brian Howell and our oral surgery team can handle anything from removing impacted wisdom teeth to addressing dental emergencies. We believe in empowering patients by making sure they feel in control of their health, so talk to us today about how we can help you feel more in control of your pre-and post-op plan.