Dental Technology

Better tools better our patient experience. Edmond, OK, dentist Dr. Brian Howell invests in trailblazing technology because state-of-the-art dental tools help the Eagle Dental Care team deliver comfortable, cost-effective care. Paired with decades of experience and specialized training, Dr. Howell enhances routine dental visits using advanced and innovative tools. Experience exceptional dentistry with Eagle Dental Care and try out some of these tools during your next appointment:


CEREC crown technology has revolutionized our approach to dental restorations, making the patient experience far more efficient and comfortable. Thanks to this innovative technology, patients no longer have to endure numerous visits to the dentist’s office or deal with the discomfort of temporary crowns. CEREC same-day crowns can be designed and fabricated in-house, in just one appointment, using computer-aided design and manufacturing methods. With the precision and accuracy afforded by this technology, restorations are a perfect custom fit for each patient, ensuring the best possible outcome. The result? A more comfortable, convenient, and satisfying dental crown experience for the patient.

    Digital Impressions (Intraoral Scanners)

    Have you ever had to chomp through disgusting traditional impressions? Often, patients dread the mess and discomfort of traditional impressions regarding dental procedures. Enter digital impressions via intraoral scanners. Digital imaging technology allows Dr. Howell to take highly accurate measurements of a patient’s teeth and gums without any goopy or uncomfortable materials. Patients can breathe easily without worrying about the gag reflex or a mouthful of sticky mold material.

    Additionally, digital impressions can be shared seamlessly between dental offices, making it easy for specialists to collaborate on a patient’s care. Plus, digital imaging technology emits less waste, translating to less environmental impact. Overall, embracing intraoral scanning technology has drastically improved trips to the dentist (for patients and dentists), making appointments more comfortable and efficient

    Cone Beam X-Rays (CBCT Dental Imaging)

    Cone beam X-rays, also known as CBCT, have revolutionized how Dr. Howell diagnoses and treats advanced dental issues. Our Edmond dentist can produce three-dimensional digital images of a patient’s teeth, bones, and soft tissues using our dependable CBCT machine. This technology substantially increases the diagnostic capacity and enables Dr. Howell to provide optimal treatment. Moreover, CBCT images can be produced in a matter of seconds with low radiation exposure, thus reducing the need for repeat imaging. As a result, patients tend to feel calmer and more secure when Dr. Howell expertly diagnoses and treats their dental problems. Additionally, this high-quality imaging technology, equivalent to a medical CT scan, allows for more accurate treatment planning, ultimately resulting in a better outcome for the patient. Overall, cone beam X-rays provide a more efficient and comfortable patient experience while delivering superior dental care.

    Eagle Dental Care is Fond of Using the Best Dental Technology Possible

    Overall, Eagle Dental Care is devoted to offering the most sophisticated technology because it helps our dentists correct patient problems in a timely and less painful manner. Experience it yourself by scheduling an appointment with our knowledgeable Edmond, OK, dentist.