Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings

If you’re experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity lately, it could be the first sign of a cavity that requires dental fillings. Fillings use a combination of materials to replace tooth decay and damage. They’re among the most common treatments for cavities or damaged teeth and will get you back the fresh, beautiful smile that you deserve.

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What are Dental Fillings?

Fillings are a composite material that’s used to treat areas that have been affected by tooth decay. Plaque and bacteria can wear away the hard exterior of a tooth, revealing nerves that can cause pain and increased sensitivity. Dental fillings are used to fill these recesses and protect against further damage or decay. The immediate benefits are the removal of tooth-damaging bacteria and a better appearance of your smile. They’ll also stop the decay from spreading, which might result in a more serious procedure that could require a root canal or tooth extraction.

Different materials are used for dental fillings depending on the patient and their situation. The most commonly used materials are tooth-colored composite resins, silver amalgam, and porcelain. Composite resins are the most popular option and the choice we recommend. They’re a mixture of glass and plastic particles that are matched to the color of your teeth. They bond well to your natural tooth structure, which helps prevent further damage from recurrent decay.

How do I know I need Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings treat teeth with cavities due to tooth decay or structural damage caused by cracks or teeth grinding. If you’re experiencing signs of a cavity, it’s smart to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Cavity symptoms include tooth pain when biting or chewing or increased sensitivity to cold or sweet food and drink. If you notice any discoloration or damage to any of your teeth, it’s time to give us a call and get the treatment that you need.

Fillings are a common procedure that can be painlessly completed in a single visit. They’re the first step to restoring your teeth and stopping bacteria from developing into more costly problems. If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, contact us at Eagle Dental today, and let us give you the early care you need for a healthy smile.