Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

Tooth Pain, Jaw Pain

Anyone who has experienced severe tooth pain in their life understands the toll it can take. Beyond general discomfort, it may hinder your daily abilities to eat, speak, or sleep. If you’re in Edmond, OK and suffer from tooth or jaw pain, Eagle Dental is here for you. We are committed to providing individualized, friendly care to each of our patients for tooth pain relief. We’ll treat your pain at the source of the problem for better oral health and general well-being.

When Should I Go to the Dentist for Tooth Pain?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms below, we recommend calling to make an appointment as soon as possible.

  • Your pain has persisted for more than one or two days
  • The pain is severe
  • You notice swelling around your face/mouth
  • You have a fever alongside your tooth pain

These can be signs of issues that should be addressed by your dentist immediately. For severe pain that can’t wait, we provide same and next-day emergency appointments for those in need. 

What Causes Tooth Pain?

Tooth pain may be a symptom of several potential problems. It’s most often the result of a cavity caused by tooth decay. Cavities can expose the nerves within a tooth, making them painful or extra sensitive. The infection can go further into the tooth and cause inflammation of the tooth pulp. In these cases, a root canal may be needed to restore the tooth. Tooth pain can also be a sign of gum disease or gum recession.

We use a combination of X-ray imaging and examinations with the latest technology to locate and treat the cause of your pain. Our comprehensive services are ready to offer you relief, from general fillings and crowns to tooth extractions and implants.

What Causes Jaw Pain?

If you experience jaw pain when opening and closing your mouth or painful swelling, it’s often the result of excess stress or injury to the jaw. Jaw pain, also known as temporomandibular disorder (TMJ/TMD), can be caused by teeth grinding and clenching, an irregular bite, or a previous injury to the jaw.

During your visit, we’ll perform a full examination of the jaw to identify the problem. This includes testing the jaw’s range of motion and a close look at any pain areas. Treatment ranges from nightguards that provide a protective barrier from grinding and clenching to medication and Botox® injections to soothe pain around the jaw muscles.

If you have persisting pain in or around your mouth, it’s important to have a professional examination to catch any issues before they become more severe. If you’re experiencing pain, schedule an appointment with us today, and let us at Eagle Dental take care of you.