Edmond Emergency Dentist Explains What to Do If Your Tooth Falls Out

Sep 25, 2023

Have you ever lost a tooth in a bad dream? If the answer is yes, you’re certainly not alone. The Sleep Foundation supports that 39% of people have experienced dreams about emergency dental problems, including tooth loss. Sadly, the unfortunate reality is that incidents of tooth loss are pretty common, and it’s essential to know what to do if you fall victim to circumstance. In this blog, Edmond emergency dentist Dr. Brian Howell teaches patients how to take immediate action after tooth loss until they can see a dental professional.

Step 1: Gently Rinse the Tooth

First, carefully hold the tooth by its crown, being sure not to touch the root. Then, proceed by gently rinsing the tooth with water to remove any debris, ensuring to handle it with caution throughout the process.

Step 2: Strive to Place the Tooth in the Socket

If the situation allows, we recommend attempting to reposition the tooth back into its socket. To do so, gently bite down on the tooth or apply gentle pressure with your finger to hold it in place. This immediate action can improve the chances of successful re-implantation and potentially negate the need for tooth replacement.

Step 3: Keep the Tooth Moist

If placing the tooth back in the socket is not feasible, it is vital to take immediate action to preserve the lost tooth by keeping it moist.

  • Store in a Glass of Milk: One option is to place the tooth in a glass of milk, as the milk’s properties can help preserve the cells on the tooth root.
  • Hold in Your Cheek: Another option is to keep the tooth in your cheek pouch, as the natural moisture in your mouth can also aid in maintaining its condition.

 It’s important to note that patients should avoid using tap water to preserve the tooth, as this can potentially reduce the chances of successfully re-implanting the natural tooth. Therefore, only consider tap water as an absolute last resort. By adhering to these detailed guidelines, you can increase the chances of successfully preserving the lost tooth.

Step 4: Manage Symptoms

If your tooth gets knocked out, it’s crucial to take immediate action and adequately manage your symptoms until you can see our Edmond emergency dentist.

  • Bleeding: If you’re experiencing bleeding, gently apply pressure to the affected area using a clean, damp towel to help control the bleeding and minimize any further complications.
  • Pain Management: To manage the discomfort, responsibly take over-the-counter pain medication in accordance with the package instructions.
  • Swelling: Apply a cold compress to the cheek to control swelling.

 By following these steps, you can ensure proper care and relief while awaiting professional dental assistance.

Step 5: Contact Our Edmond Emergency Dentist

To maximize the likelihood of saving your tooth, it is crucial to seek immediate dental assistance within an hour of the injury. Fortunately, Eagle Dental offers same-day dental visits, so call (405) 963-4953 to meet with our Edmond emergency dentist.

In case you are unable to reach your dentist within this time frame, consider visiting an urgent care center or hospital if you feel like your life is threatened. Acting promptly plays a pivotal role in ensuring the best outcome for your dental emergency.