Cleanings & Checkups Edmond OK

Cleanings & Checkup

For regular dental cleanings and checkups for you and your family, Eagle Dental is here to best care for our community in Edmond and the surrounding Oklahoma City metro. We welcome you to our Edmond office with plenty of amenities to keep you comfortable so you can relax while we handle the rest.

The benefits of dental cleaning are essential to your oral health. Our comprehensive cleanings will polish your teeth, remove any tartar buildup that causes tooth decay, and give us the chance to catch any potential problems before they cause tooth pain and become more serious. For a sound mind and a healthy mouth, a regular dental exam is the best opportunity to visit your dentist and ensure you’re on the right track.

During your dental exam, get cozy with a pillow or throw on the TV while you visit with one of our experienced and welcoming hygienists. They will thoroughly clean your teeth, remove build-ups of tartar and plaque, assess your gum line, and polish your teeth into an attractive smile. Afterward, you’ll visit with the dentist who will give you a close examination to identify any signs of gum disease or potential problems. We take your oral health to heart. We’re here to answer any questions, advise you on better hygiene habits, and devise a treatment plan just for you. You’ll leave the office with a boost of confidence knowing your teeth are looking and feeling their best.


We offer fluoride treatment as part of our regular cleanings and checkups. Fluoride is a simple, pain-free treatment that helps strengthen teeth to defend them against cavities and sensitivity. The treatment is especially helpful for children and adults with sensitive teeth. It will help the structure of teeth to fight off potential cavities and restore them for better long term comfort.


Even with proper at-home oral care, the deep grooves in molars at the back of the mouth can be difficult to regularly clean. Sealants are a thin coating applied to these teeth to provide a protective barrier against food and bacteria. We recommend sealants for children once their permanent molars have come in and adult teeth that are at risk of tooth decay. It’s a safe and effective step to reinforce your teeth and keep them healthy.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During your visit, we’ll provide an oral cancer screening to detect any signs of mouth or gum cancer as early as possible. Oral cancer is a serious disease that affects the mouth, the lining of the lips, and upper throat. Early detection can greatly increase effective and successful treatment. Our dental team uses the latest in cancer screening technology to catch early signs and assess risk factors for oral cancer.

Our compassionate team is prepared to make your routine cleanings and checkups as comfortable as we can. Schedule your next dental cleaning with Eagle Dental and step out of our office with a beautiful, healthy smile.