5 Reasons to Consider a Professional Teeth Whitening

Mar 31, 2023

With so many over-the-counter and at-home treatments available, it’s not difficult to find a new product to try out for whitening your teeth. Strips, toothpaste, UV lights, whitening pens, and more all offer promises of a whiter smile.

Although results are possible with these methods, they don’t compare to the long-lasting effects and benefits of visiting your dentist for professional teeth whitening. Here are five reasons why a visit to your dentist should be your go-to for a whiter smile.

More Efficient & Effective

Where at-home treatments can take a few weeks to several months to get results, a professional teeth whitening procedure can make a drastic difference in as little as an hour. Since the treatment uses dental-grade ingredients and is professionally applied, you’ll see results that you’ll love in a much shorter period of time.

Better, Longer-Lasting Results

Most at-home teeth whitening methods only work on surface-level stains. They could lighten the stage of this week’s cups of coffee, but after a few more you’re back to where you started. A dentist will use dental-grade products made with formulas that penetrate your teeth for deep, lasting results.

At Eagle Dental, we use Opalescence, a high-quality treatment that uses a proprietary formula to give you an attractive, enduring smile in comfort.

More Affordable

The upfront cost of teeth whitening at the dentist might be higher but pays off through a single treatment with long-lasting results. It’s important to consider recurrent costs of at-home treatments that can take weeks or months to see results, only to have to buy more products to maintain the shade of your teeth.

Safer Treatments

Over-the-counter teeth whitening products can irritate your gums or cause teeth sensitivity. At worst, inappropriate ingredients or use of these products might damage the enamel of your teeth and gums, causing greater problems than just appearance. With professional teeth whitening, you’re working with a person you can trust to protect your oral health and provide the most comfortable experience. 

Better for your Overall Oral Health

With professional treatments, your dentist can tell you what kind of products and processes are best for your teeth and gums. Dentists are also trained to recognize signs of potential issues, like cavities or gum disease, that could contribute to the appearance of your teeth. Knowing you have a healthy smile that’s well taken care of can be a huge motivator to maintain solid oral hygiene habits.

See the Difference a Professional Whitening Can Make Today

A whiter smile does wonders for your confidence. It can make you look younger, feel better, and open up new opportunities. If you’re ready to get a long-lasting, whiter smile, contact us at Eagle Dental today for a consultation.